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The South California
Border Guardians

                                     Welcome to the American Cosmos.  If you hate the United States of America - you might as well leave here right now because the feeling is mutual. Fate does not adhere to demands or expectations.  

    The maintenance of American is the very last item on the final wishes list of a truly extraordinary human being.  

(General Trelane, the Squire of Gothos)

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      Of the many components that embody the American Cosmos, the South California Border Guardians ranks as one of the most crucial.  For decades, our southern border has been overrun by illegal aliens, drug cartels, crime, human trafficking, depravity and human suffering.  We consider it an honor and a privilege to devote our time and resources to a mission whose importance many Americans are too fat, stupid and lazy to understand. It's shameful.

     At American Cosmos we are American Apostles of Freedomand we are proud to stand against the apostates of freedom.  When darkness and evil abound and begin to inundate, a single torch can be a beacon.  American Cosmos is a beacon of freedom in our country's deepening twilight of liberalism and hatred.  For those who aspire to achieve their American dream - be welcome.  For those who are insulted and infuriated by the sights and sounds in these pages...good.  

     Even though the American is heavily censored by shadow banning, courtesy of the search engine algorithms, All Americans are welcome here.  The United States of America is the only constitutional republic in all the known Cosmos.  American patriots have a profound responsibility to all sentient beings everywhere in God's cosmos to guard and protect the universal concepts and principals of liberty and freedom endowed to us and written for all time in the Constitution of the United States of America by our prophetic Founding Fathers.

     The question is:  Are you an American Apostle of Freedom or an American apostate?

     If you were born in the United States of America, then you are blessed by God whether you know it or not.  And if you do not, you may be an apostate of freedom.

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Tectonic Gorge

     Ride with us through the canyons of time. 

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Mount Kuuchamaa

     Ranch Annie lays under the influence of a holy mountain.

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Valley of Despair

     Before Operation Gate Keeper, this was a grim place.

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Flag Patrol

     The DHS morons do not allow our Customs/CBP officers to fly the colors on their uniforms or vehicles. We can fly the colors! 

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     The portal to gain access to the American Cosmos.  All Americans have hopes and dreams.  Represented here is only one simple American Dream.  A powerful mojo against the dark American apostles.

     Ranch Annie is a juxtaposition of life between the bustle of the city and the quiet of the country.  A naturally fortified ecological preserve nestled within the chaparral of East San Diego County

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     We proudly pay our debt to America.  Working with the CBP, The Watchmen patrol and guard America's southern flank primarily within the Mountain Empire along the California/Mexican border where Ranch Annie is located.  

     Completely restored, mid 20th century science fiction magazine cover art.  Can not be found anywhere else.

     The differences in lifestyles between the house in town and Ranch Annie in the country can run a wide range of colorful descriptions.  Just look around.

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