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     Ranch Annie is an off-the-grid quinta bonita situated deep within the rugged real estate of the Mountain Empire of East San Diego County along the US/Mexican border on the California side across from Tecate, Mexico.  Ranch Annie is a naturally fortified ecological preserve and memorial park that serves as a families compound from which the South California Border Guardians is based.

     Patrol operations, search and rescue, campouts, barbeques, interplanetary telescopic observations and UFO vigilances, bonfires, hiking, riding (motorcycles), shooting, discussions, laughter, spiritual junkets and meditations all take place at Ranch Annie.  As well as, a myriad of other activities of a spiritual and healthful nature.

     It is possible to visit Ranch Annie.  Be sure and bring your weapons.  There have been assaults, robberies and murder on the ranch.  Roving bands of Mexican banditos and American Minutemen are an ever-present danger.  This Summer a rogue Grizzler Bear was roaming the valley killing livestock.  Don't be so gullible.

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Click on this image and it will magnify.  Literally, from the shadow of the border wall Ranch Annie is visible on the ridge.

"The valley sings!"  That is what the indigenous shamans proclaimed.  In reality, Barret Valley is situated at the intersection of three enormous tectonic plates.  The Pacific Plate, The North American Plate and the Cocos Plate converge here.  It is the, pent-up energies of these seismic tensions that make the valley resonate with the cosmic power. 

     And, just in case that was not geologically active enough, there is a large natural aquafer beneath the valley that the City of San Diego has been tapping into for years.  (Just add water).

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     The Annette R. Memorial Parkway at the center of Ranch Annie near the Valley of the Giants.  Behind my right hand is a Smith & Wesson .38 Special.  Everyone in the general vicinity on both sides of the border (the cartel a**holes) know that the ranchers on the California side opposite Tecate, Mexico are heavily armed. 

      There is at least one lion that hunts the valley including partaking of my neighbor's goats.  Several packs of coyotes.  Packs of feral dogs that roam from the Mexican side.  Mountain Empire residents have been attacked by rabid bobcats.  And, of course, the ever present Desert Diamondback Rattlesnakes.    

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     Vast wealth on display!  Ask any honest human being, from the shadowcast elites - to the Apostles of Freedom, it does not get any better than this for an ignorant, fat old man like me.  The universe, however, insists upon balance.    

      Straight up, there are two inescapable caveats to this American Dream.  My wife and the mother of my children has died and sorrow casts it shadow upon me yet.  And, although the ranch lands are free and clear, the San Diego County Tax Assessor is a nemesis we are unable to elude or defeat! 

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