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     This is the sector within the American Cosmos where the nobbies meet the trail.  The mission of the South California Border Guardians is to observe and report suspicious and illegal activities to the proper authorities.  There are two primary weapons utilized by the Guardians in the stewardship of America's southern border in California - the deterrence of our presence and our smartphones make us formidable opponents to illegalities.

     Unwillingness to guard and protect family, community and country from the dangers and ravages of an enemy filled world is just one sure sign of an American apostate of freedom.  

     Most Americans are content to sit back, stare at a screen, and offer stupid and useless comments of asinine braggadocio.  Here's an idea...  Come to San Diego and go out on patrol with us.  

     An early, two-part video of the South California Border Guardians on patrol along the US/Mexican border in the cartel held lands between Tijuana, BC. and Tecate, BC.  This is tough and dangerous country.  If your sassy ass doesn't think so, then contact us and we will take you to this very spot in real time.  


     Watch the border wall being built from a perspective very few people get to experience.  The border wall construction was clearly visible from Ranch Annie.  The South California Border Guardians get up close and personal.

     Join us on a Flag Patrol mission.  We are those American patriots who guard the US/Mexican border because our countrymen cannot or will not!  The political lunatics at the DHS do not allow our officers to proudly fly the colors.  The South California Border Guardians fly the colors in support of the Customs and Border Protection Officers.  It is dangerous, time consuming and expensive and we are honored to have the privilege.     


     Sometimes a picture tells the whole story.

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 How would you like to see these three slinking through the campground where your children play?

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     These nefarious fellows did not seem to appreciate my escort through the evacuated campground.  Just to keep everyone honest.  Click to magnify (see their hatred).

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The Guardians near the summit of Otay Mtn. with Otay Lakes and downtown San Diego in the background.  This is the exact spot where Reba McEntyre's bands' plane crashed.

(Click to magnify)

An introduction video to the Mountain Empire Neighborhood Watch.

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