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American Apostles of Freedom

     The Universal Prime Mover, who we call God 'round here, has blessed the United States of America.  The American Apostles of Freedom confront and battle the apostates of freedom by wielding the weapons of faith, truth, justice and our belief in the American Way of Life.  The spiritual dogmas and truisms that the Apostles of Freedom embrace can be found within, and set forth by, the Constitution of the United States of America.

     The Universal Dichotomies (positive/negative, north pole/south pole, male/female, good/evil, light/dark, etc.), has a nexus within the souls of all sentient beings where it is effused into the Spirit-Shades of all enlightened beings.  If our Savior is the purest of the white, and Beelzebub the deepest of the dark, then all human spirits lay somewhere in between.  The question is:  What is the Chroma of your Spiritshade?  

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     To presume to judge our American Founding Fathers from a 21st century perspective is to view the world as an apostate of freedom from the elitist heights of stupidity.  250 years from today, future Human Beings will look back in horror at a country and peoples who unleashed a pandemic in the name of science upon the planet that killed millions of innocent people.  Or the ghoulish, shadowcast practice of reaching into a woman's womb to murder a child as a form of birth control or genocide?  

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