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     This is the sector of the American Cosmos that mostly resembles the Twilight Zone.  The juxtaposition of lifestyles between suburban San Diego and the Mountain Empire ranch is as jarring, and sometimes even as surreal, as can be imagined.  For example:  In town, we move about the neighborhood with dog poop bags in our pockets.  At Ranch Annie, we work about the ranch wearing sidearms.


At the San Diego Museum of Art in Balboa Park with Rameses II

The Gaskill Stone Country Store Museum in Campo, CA. riding the Dual Sport near Ranch Annie.

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me and ramesis II 2.jpg

Same pose.

Different worlds.

In Liberal-land, I am considered a dandified widower about town.  

In Redneck-ville, I am considered a Prince of the Realm.  I am a Captain with the South California Border Guardians.

The image of a suburb of a suburb of San Diego, CA.  You can't get much more suburban than this.  Row upon row of master planned ranch-style homes sitting contentedly in the sunshine; completely surrounded by schools, malls, golf courses and greenbelts.

28.5 miles from the front door of the house in town sits this beautiful natural retreat.  Visitors to Ranch Annie sometimes comment that the air is so clean it hurts their lungs.  (The climate zone here is high desert chaparral and the air is dry).

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